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  • Dirt Gems Plant Oracle (Indie 2nd Edition)


    Dirt Gems is a plant oracle deck and guidebook designed to invite you into a more personal and subtle relationship with the plant world. It is a practice of listening and observation. Creating relationships with the nonhuman world requires that we slow down, decenter ourselves, and learn from the intelligence of the silken spider web, the humming saltmarsh, carnivorous bog plants, and desert superblooms.

  • The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot (first edition)


    The Mushroom Hunter’s Tarot is a fungi-themed deck of 78 cards, each represented by its own unique mushroom. From famed mushrooms like the fly agaric and the golden chanterelle, to obscure fungi such as the fluted bird’s nest and the bleeding fairy helmet, 78 mushrooms find their home here.